This documentary will present the story of Tom & Mabel Turcotte. They fell in love in 1951 and got married in 1953 when Tom was released from the military. They went on to have three sons, the youngest of which was born shortly before Tom left for scientific work in Antarctica which would keep him away from home for over a year. They also had a daughter in 1964, after Tom completed his work in Antarctica. Tom was a seismologist working for the Navy for Operation Deep Freeze, a joint service, on-going activity in support of the National Science Foundation (NSF), the lead agency for the United States Antarctic Program. During that time, Tom and Mabel wrote letters back and forth to stay in contact. Those letters now serve as the heart of this story.

While Mabel has passed, Tom turned 91 in July 2019. This story will be told through memories shared by interviews with Tom and members of his family, pictures and artifacts from his journeys and the letters they exchanged and saved for over 50 years. A true and beautiful story with one of the most remote parts of our planet as a backdrop.